The Small Town Strides x A Night With The Makers

When four gals started Small Town Social over a year ago, we had a single mission – to very simply, consciously connect women.

Organically, the group grew to a community of nearly 500 local women in Moore County. After a full year of free socials where gals meet up to have a cocktail and engage with other local ladies, we kept hearing the same thing – “What’s next? We’re looking for more”.

We put our brains together, and Small Town Strides was born. The idea of Strides is to have it complement the free Small Town Social gatherings – and serve as additional options for gals to participate in workshops and learning experiences, taught by other locals.

We were so honored to partner with Moore County artists Grace Crawford and Christin Daubert for the inaugural Small Town Strides event, for a special ‘Night with the Makers’.

If you ask Christin and Grace, they’ll humbly deny calling themselves ‘artists’. Yet Grace’s beautiful line drawings and elegant creations, paired with Christin’s colorful, playful abstract art – made this pair the perfect duo to pair with for the first Strides event.

Once everyone was settled at R.Riveter’s Flagship Store with a plate of cheese and a cocktail, Christin and Grace took time to share some of their favorite abstract techniques – utilizing tools from spray bottles to spatulas to paint brushes. After a lesson in everything abstract art, the crew grabbed a canvas size of her choice and got to work.

It’s so incredible to see what each individual creates from seemingly simple black and white paint – but magical, nonetheless.


We loved seeing women mingle and meet, exchange contact information and do what we do in Small Town – consciously connect.


Interested in the next Small Town Strides event? Stay tuned on our Facebook page!

Want to meet the abstract artists behind ’Night With the Makers”?
Connect with Christin Daubert (link: and Grace Crawford (link: to find out when their next abstract art event is, or just follow along on their creative social accounts!

See you at the next Small Town Social, friends! EVENT INFO HERE

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