The Small Town Social® is a series of free, fun, casual networking events meant to consciously connect women from all walks of life throughout Moore County.

#SmallTownSocial was born when four ladies walked into a bar. Well, sort of. At first it was the Roast Office in The Village of Pinehurst, but the second time Liz, Hollie, Lisa and Jessica met at a bar. And that sounds better.

If you’ve ever felt like it’s tough meeting people because adulting is hard, you’re not alone. That’s how we felt too and, in March 2018, us four gals thought it was about time to break down those barriers.

Our mission is to make it so every face at First Friday is a familiar one, and when you walk into Nature’s Own post-hot yoga, you’ll know the gal next in line ordering a smoothie. Let’s make it easy to find ladies to grab a glass of wine with on a Tuesday, because, well…TUESDAY. And let’s make sure you never have to walk around Reservoir Park alone again, because let’s be honest – that two mile trek gets long just chatting with Fido.

We hosted our inaugural The Small Town Social® event on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at The Wine Cellar in Southern Pines. What started as a small conversation between us four girls over coffee, quickly snowballed into a full blown social event only a few weeks later and, when roughly 50 local ladies attended the first event, we knew we were onto something.

The Small Town Social® became more than a meetup. It was a saving grace and a night each and every one of us would remember. 

From that moment on, we knew we had to keep it going.

On March 13, 2019, The Small Town Social™ turned one year old and now serves over 500 women throughout Moore County North Carolina.

The group hosts a free networking social once per month at a business in or near Southern Pines/Pinehurst/Whispering Pines/Aberdeen.

In September 2019, The Small Town Social® launched its Small Town Strides initiative, an extension of the monthly Small Town Social meetups, which provides an essential personal development component to help members excel in a key focus area so they can make even greater strides in life as the powerhouse females they are.

Official hashtag: #SmallTownSocial | #SmallTownStrides
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